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Textron- Manufacturing Engineer Intern- Kautex

Textron- Manufacturing Engineer Intern- Kautex





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Internships & Co-ops

You will be challenged with cross-team and/or cross-functional assignments that are designed to provide real-world, hands-on experience so you can acquire and hone highly sought-after skills. Through these projects and team interactions, you will be exposed to and get prepared for numerous career opportunities available throughout the organization. You will meet and work with many talented peers, colleagues and managers–many of whom were once interns themselves. You can leverage your academic experience and degree in a wide range of jobs in our multi-industry Fortune 250 company. When you work alongside colleagues who are at the forefront of their fields, your opportunities to learn and grow have no limit. Consider this path if your passion for Textron products and services aligns with a specific business or location.

Kautex, a subsidiary of Textron Inc., is rated among the Top 100 Automotive Suppliers worldwide. The company is a leading global supplier of hybrid and conventional plastic fuel tank systems, selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) and clear vision systems and sensors. In addition, the company produces and supplies camshafts, castings and industrial packaging. Headquartered in Bonn, Germany, the company owns and operates more than 30 facilities in 14 countries worldwide.

Job Description:


  • Assist with designing and drafting activities
  • Work closely with the engineering and maintenance functions
  • Problem solving on current and prospective process opportunities
  • Gain an understanding of patterns, tooling and layout, and sand system operations
  • Gain an understanding of the blow molding and assembly process for manufacturing automotive fuel systems.
  • Conduct cycle time studies to determine bottle necks and drive improvements to reduce
  • Create standardize work instructions as needed
  • Analyze scrap on a production line, using analytical tools to pareto and trend scrap drivers, root cause highest scrap drivers
  • Work to analyze operational equipment efficiencies and make improvements based on A3/root cause analysis of top items affecting OEE and Scrap.

Job Requirements:

Qualifications – External


  • Currently pursuing University degree in Engineering or Applied Science with a focus on automation or robotics. — Preference for candidate with skills in the following areas: Big Data, Electronics, Software Engineering, Robotics/Automation, Mechatronics,
  • Strong computer and presentation skills – Proficient in Microsoft Office – Professional competencies required: Learning on the Fly, Compassion, Dealing with Ambiguity, Drive for Results, Organization.