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Science and Mathematics

Science and Mathematics


District of Columbia


Washington Navy Yard

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The Department of the Navy is one of the most complex organizations in the federal government. It is comprised of more than 20 Navy Commands and Organizations, the United States Marine Corps and secretariat organization. The Department of the Navy civilian workforce is among the most technically savvy and talented — more than half of the workforce includes highly technical engineers, logisticians, mathematicians, and information technology and acquisition specialists.

The Office of Civilian Human Resources aims to ensure that the Department of the Navy has the right people in the right place at the right time. This office is responsible for developing civilian policies and programs for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. The office also delivers HR services and support to all of the Department of the Navy organizations and its more than 195,000 civilian employees in the more than 500 different occupations.

NCC scientists and mathematicians work with cutting-edge technologies and equipment, surrounded by some of the brightest minds the country has to offer. NCC hires scientists in many fields to support the construction and maintenance of ships, aircraft, and combat systems. They develop test planning documents, coordinate data and collection requirements, write plans for test team review and input, and conduct post-event analysis and data reduction. Operations researchers and mathematicians apply analytical methods to improve products and processes.

Science and Mathematics positions include:


·Computer Scientists


·Operations Researchers



·Engineering Psychologists

·Research Psychologists

·General Physical Scientists

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