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Aerospace Corp- Systems Engineering Division (SED)

The Aerospace Corp- Systems Engineering Division (SED)




El Segundo

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The Aerospace Corporation has internship and new graduate opportunities in our Systems Engineering Division in El Segundo, CA and Colorado Springs, CO. Positions are typically 100% onsite and some roles may offer a hybrid work model.

Job Description:

The Systems Engineering Division (SED) is the corporate focal point for system-level modeling and analysis of the design, performance, and programmatic feasibility of national space systems. SED provides unmatched experience in systems engineering to the U.S. government and to numerous public and private agencies, universities, nonprofit organizations, consortia, and commercial companies involved in the advanced application of space technology. From systems architecture development to system analysis and optimization, astrodynamics, orbital debris, navigation, failure analysis, mission assurance, cost and schedule assessment, and economic market analysis, SED exploits an incredibly broad array of engineering and business disciplines against a diverse and dynamic portfolio of programs and national challenges.

Job Requirements:

What You’ll Be Doing depends on the DEPARTMENT of your position:

·SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND SIMULATION ›    Space traffic management›    Mission architecture simulations ›    System performance analysis and optimization ›Astrodynamics ›    Constellation design ›    Collision risk assessment ›    Satellite navigation ›    Orbit determination ›    Geolocation performance analysis ›    Orbital debris analysis ›    Space security ›    Threat and resiliency analysis

·ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN ›    Concept Design Center ›    Enterprise systems engineering›    Model-based systems engineering›    Space and launch system architecture development ›    System-of-systems engineering ›    Satellite and subsystem design evaluation ›    System trades and analysis ›    System performance analysis ›    Small satellite design and analysis ›    Launch system performance evaluation

·ACQUISITION ANALYSIS AND PLANNING › Acquisition expertise› Cost, schedule, and risk analysis› Data centric acquisition and systemsengineering › Economic and market analysis› Agile acquisition› Decision science and analytics› Industrial base and supply chain assessments

·MISSION ASSURANCE › Product and process assurance andmanufacturing engineering› Risk planning, assessment, and management› Ground facilities infrastructure developmentand engineering› Integration, test, operations, and test-like-you-  fly assessments for space segment,   mission systems, systems of systems   and enterprise level› Satellite constellation replenishment analysis› Reliability engineering, failure modes,   and effects analysis› Statistical modeling and analysis› Mission assurance planning, application   and verification management

What You Need to be Successful  

Minimum Requirements:

·Currently enrolled fulltime in an accredited college/university program pursuing a Bachelors, Master’s or PhD degree in aerospace engineering, mathematics, of computer science or related discipline

·For internships: availability to work full-time for a minimum of 10 weeks outside of university term. Ability to return to a degree program after completion of the internship.

·Minimum GPA 3.0

·Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint and Excel)

·Proficiency in one or more of the following computer languages/tools: C, C++, Fortran, Java, Matlab, Python, Simulink

·Positions require the ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance, which is issued by the U.S. government. U.S. citizenship is required to obtain a security clearance.

·       Transcripts required

How You Can Stand Out

It would be impressive if you have one or more of these:

·GPA 3.5 or higher

·Active security clearance

·Academic or research in space-based modeling, simulation, and analysis, such as space mission analysis and design, algorithm design, and mathematical modeling

·       Academic or research in advanced mathematical topics, such as optimization theory, game theory, statistical estimation, and numerical analysis