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Aerospace Corp- Information Systems and Cyber Division (ISCD)

The Aerospace Corp- Information Systems and Cyber Division (ISCD)




El Segundo

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The Aerospace Corporation is seeking Computer Scientists and Software Engineers for internship and graduate opportunities. We have 100% remote, 100% onsite and hybrid opportunities in El Segundo, CA and Chantilly, VA. 

Register in advance at:  https://tinyurl.com/2z8fql86

Our Information Systems and Cyber Division (ISCD) is the premier provider of current state-of-the-art and future secure information systems expertise for the space enterprise and beyond. ISCD staff couples the latest in information system technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and augmented/virtual reality with modern computer and software engineering methods to deliver responsive and timely engineering products of the highest quality to a variety of customers.

Job Description:

What You’ll Be Doing depends on the DEPARTMENT of your position:

·INTEGRATED DATA AND APPLICATIONS› Software systems engineering and assurance› Ground systems concepts design, engineering,  and transitions› Engineering software tool development› Computer-aided design and rapid prototyping› Orbit analysis and space environment   applications› Visualization and immersive technology› Telemetry systems engineering/processing› Utility and performance modeling and simulation› Data platform architectures and analytics pipelines› Cloud software development and migration› Artificial intelligence and machine-learning research› Applied data science› Machine-learning engineering› Operationally relevant engineering solutions

·CYBERSECURITY AND ADVANCED PLATFORM› Space enterprise cybersecurity› Space enterprise cyber operations, war games, and strategy› Enterprise and architecture cybersecurity engineering› Program protection planning› Software vulnerability analysis and   reverse engineering› Information assurance certification   and accreditation› Cybersecurity situational awareness› Cybersecurity resiliency assessments and   risk management› Cybersecurity vulnerability and penetration testing

·SOFTWARE ENGINEERING› Software architecture evaluation and   reconstruction› Software systems acquisition› Enterprise engineering and integration› Software prototyping and integration› Model-based software engineering› Flight software and realtime embedded systems› Software lifecycle standards, processes,   and methodologies› Software code analysis and assessment› Software measurements and metrics› Software process modeling and simulation› System performance forecasting› Agile and DevOps methodologies

Job Requirements:

What You Need to Be Successful

Minimum Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled full time in an accredited college or university program pursuing a Bachelors, Masters or PhD in computer science, computer engineering, data science, mathematics or related field

·For internships: availability to work full-time for a minimum of 10 weeks outside of university term. Ability to return to a degree program after completion of the internship.

  • Programming experience (e.g. C++, Python)

·Positions require the ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance, which is issued by the U.S. government. U.S. citizenship is required to obtain a security clearance.

·       Transcripts required

How You Can Stand Out

It would be impressive if you have one or more of these:

  • GPA 3.5 or higher   
  • Exposure to machine and deep learning
  • Exposure in time series data processing and analysis
  • Exposure in Natural Language Processing
  • Strong programming skills utilizing Scikit-learn, Keras, TensorFlow and/or OpenCV libraries
  • Participation in extracurricular activities related to data science (e.g. Kaggle competitions)
  • Experience designing, writing, and/or troubleshooting software and systems in a distributed Linux environment
  • Experience with containers and container orchestration systems, such as Docker and Kubernetes
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and/or Google Cloud Platform
  • Knowledge of Linux system administration