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Aerospace Corp- Electronics and Sensors Division (ESD)

The Aerospace Corp- Electronics and Sensors Division (ESD)




El Segundo

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The Aerospace Corporation has internship and graduate opportunities across the company! Positions in our Electronics and Sensors Division (ESD) and Communications Technology Engineering Division are located 100% onsite in El Segundo, CA.

This role is located in multiple locations:  El Segundo, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, Chantilly, VA

Register in advance at:  https://tinyurl.com/2z8fql86

The Electronics and Sensors Division (ESD) is a world-class engineering and scientific leader in electronics and remote sensing systems. ESD’s staff comprises subject matter experts across a broad range of disciplines, including RF, infrared (IR), visible, and spectral sensors; sensor exploitation methods; analog and digital electronics; vehicle power systems; and space system electronic parts, materials, and processes. ESD’s expertise, combined with sophisticated in-house laboratories, prototyping, modeling, and simulation capabilities, enables it to deliver innovative solutions to national space systems and civil customers.

Job Description:

What You’ll Be Doing depends on the DEPARTMENT of your position:

·ELECTRONICS ›Power system analysis (generation, management, and distribution)›    Electromagnetic effects measurement, analysis, and mitigation›    Electronics system integration›    Parts, materials, and processes evaluation›    Failure analysis›    Electronics measurement, modeling, and simulation›    Radiation effects modeling and analysis›Microwave and RF circuits and systems›Microelectronics and field programmable gate array (FPGA) simulation and analysis›    Digital and analog electronics measurement, modeling, and simulation

·SENSOR SYSTEMS AND SIGNALS›    Unmanned autonomous vehicle (UAV) sensor rapid prototyping›    RF, radar, and microwave sensor system design, analysis, and implementation›    Optics and electro-optical system architecting, design, and analysis›    Remote sensing data exploitation using machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision›    Image and signal detection, analysis, and processing (including sensor and remote sensing data analysis)

·SENSORS›Optical engineering and system modeling›    Electro-optical devices and focal plane arrays›    Radio frequency, radar, and microwave sensors›    Remote sensing phenomenology modeling

Job Requirements:

Communication Technologies and Engineering Division

All spacecraft, launch vehicles, and ground systems rely on successful communications. Main-mission communication satellites, wideband links, command and telemetry, and terrestrial networks along with their enabling technologies are the domain of the Communication Technologies and Engineering Division (CTED). The division addresses the field from architectures to implementation, working with corporate customers to ensure robust and resilient communications are available. Staff at all major corporate locations apply the fundamentals of communications to diverse areas, including GPS signals and receivers, geolocation, signal intelligence, and radar systems.

What You’ll Be Doing depends on the DEPARTMENT of your position:

·RF AND OPTICAL COMMUNICATION› Payload implementation and assessment› Telemetry and command› Ground stations› Antenna/ground systems› Phased arrays› Optical communications› Traveling wave tube amplifiers, solid-state   power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers› RF electronics and components› Time and frequency standards› End-to-end hardware performanceassessment and subsystem measurement

·COMMUNICATION AND NETWORK ARCHITECTURES› Network systems design, analysis, and troubleshooting› Network modeling and performance› Signal processing design, development, and analysis› Communication waveform development › Wireless (terrestrial and space-based) communications and technology› Spectrum management› Flexible terminals› Communications analysis and simulation› Field collections and measurements› Communication systems engineering

·COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS AND AGILE PROCESSING› Software-defined radios› GPS/GNSS user equipment and   navigation payloads› Algorithm implementations for   high-speed processing› Machine learning for digitalcommunication systems› Cryptography› Field measurements› Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and geolocation› Hardware/CubeSat prototypes› RF and microwave subsystems› Jamming and scintillation mitigation and analysis

·SATCOM DEVELOPMENT AND STRATEGY› Concept development› Commercial system assessment› Enterprise strategies and roadmaps

What Corporate Skills You Will Bring

·       Strong written and oral communication skills.

·       Must work well in a team environment.

·       Must possess strong organizational, time management and project management skills.

·       Demonstrate flexibility and ability to adapt to changing organizational need.

·       Effective interpersonal skills to coordinate efforts and work with other internal and external organizations.

·       Demonstrate behavior that is consistent with the company’s values of Dedication to Mission Success, Technical Excellence, Commitment to Our People, Objectivity and Integrity, and Innovation.

What You Need to Be Successful

Minimum Requirements:

·Currently enrolled full-time in an accredited college/university program pursuing a Bachelor’s Master’s or PhD degree in Electrical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, or related discipline.

·For internships: availability to work full-time for a minimum of 10 weeks outside of university term. Ability to return to a degree program after completion of the internship.

·Positions require the ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance, which is issued by the U.S. government. U.S. citizenship is required to obtain a security clearance.

·Transcripts required

How You Can Stand Out

It would be impressive if you have one or more of these:

·Software development experience in one of the following languages: C/C++, Python, Golang, Rust, Julia  

·Familiarity with digital signal processing, and RF communication techniques  

·Familiarity with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning techniques  

·Experience in satellite communications, CubeSats, or GPS/GNSS/PNT systems  

·Development experience in software-defined radio environment such as GNU Radio  

·Completed coursework and/or fundamental knowledge of power systems.