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Acquisitions & Contracts

Acquisitions & Contracts


District of Columbia


Washington Navy Yard

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The Department of the Navy is one of the most complex organizations in the federal government. It is comprised of more than 20 Navy Commands and Organizations, the United States Marine Corps and secretariat organization. The Department of the Navy civilian workforce is among the most technically savvy and talented — more than half of the workforce includes highly technical engineers, logisticians, mathematicians, and information technology and acquisition specialists.

The Office of Civilian Human Resources aims to ensure that the Department of the Navy has the right people in the right place at the right time. This office is responsible for developing civilian policies and programs for the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. The office also delivers HR services and support to all of the Department of the Navy organizations and its more than 195,000 civilian employees in the more than 500 different occupations.

Our acquisition and contract specialists do the crucial legwork of building our U.S. Navy, managing the entire lifecycle of shipbuilding and combat system programs from design and manufacture to service and disposal. Duties include performing strategic planning for contract specifications and quality assurance, conducting price and cost analysis of contracts while negotiating U.S. Navy interests, and ensuring the Navy and Department of Defense have the information needed to make cost-conscious decisions.

Acquisitions and Contracts positions include:

·Contract Specialists

·Financial Management Analysts

·Logistics Management Specialists

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